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Destiny: Rise of Iron All Medallion Locations Guide

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Destiny: Rise of Iron

Destiny: Rise of Iron might have been released a few days ago. But the hunt for the Iron Gjallarhorn still continues. The quest line must be completed in order to acquire the said weapon.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Gjallarhorn Questline

The Gjallarhorn quest must be completed by locating all the Iron Medallions. These medallions are scattered throughout Plaguelands and Felwinter Peak. The game also won?t show any waypoint to locate these medallions.

Medallion Locations

Only when the players are within ten feet radius will these appear on HUD. These medallions are miniature wolf heads. They will be shaped as a?triangle?when the players get close enough. We?ve listed the locations of these medallions in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

  • Bunker Triglav: As the players enter the place, a large building will be visible. There will be a few enemies hiding inside. The medallion can be acquired in the left-hand room. As soon as the player walks in using the Forgotten pass.

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  • Forgotten Pass: Players must head out towards the large bridge. The bridge can be located in the beginning of Wretched Eye strike. The medallion can be located close to the end of some crates.
  • Site 6: The location of this medallion is the most unusual. However, it can also be found fairly easy once the players reach the area. Players should head towards Archon Forge and use the hole in the wall. Once the players are in the Warren area, go back left and it will be there.

Destiny: Rise of Iron

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  • Giant?s Husk. Acquiring this medallion requires the player to return to the Hive. It?s where the players free the Hive inside the shipping containers. Once the players reach the area, they must climb onto the bridge. Eventually, they will head down the highway until the medallion appears on their right.
  • Lord?s Watch: One of the easiest medallions to acquire. It will be close to the spawn point of Plaguelands. As soon as the players load into Plaguelands. They will find a small building nearby. The medallion can be found on the shelf.

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  • The Archon?s Keep: Deep within the Plaguelands, near the lava and fire rivers. The players must look for a building that exploded during a specific mission. Once the players enter the main door. The medallion will be somewhere within the debris
  • Felwinter Peak: As soon as the players spawn in the new social space. They can see a few rocks on the side of the mountain. These rocks can be climbed by the players. The medallion will be in the metal resting among the snow.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For More Walkthrough, Guide and Tips, stay tuned at TheBitBag

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