Destiny Rise Of Iron Wrath Of The Machine Exotic Chest Locations: Where To Find All 4 Hidden Chests

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Destiny Wrath Of The Machine

Destiny Rise of Iron?has been out for almost a week now. This means you?ve probably gotten your first taste of the new Wrath Of The Machine Raid. Bungie?s latest gauntlet is certainly an impressive beast, featuring some seriously jaw-dropping?set-pieces. While in the midst of all that mayhem, it?s highly likely that you?re going to miss the exotic chests scattered throughout the level. Don?t worry, because we?re here to help.

First Chest

The first chest in Destiny of Iron can be found after the encounter with Vosik. Once you get to the long platforming section filled with tank scrap metal, start traversing upwards until you get to the midway point. You should see a small passageway to the left. Enter it and continue to move until you encounter an area filled with SIVA. The chest should be in the back corner.

Second Chest

This chest is after your second run-in with Vosik. After defeating him, you?ll face another platforming section where you have to jump across several steel surfaces. Keep a lookout on the right for an opening. Enter it and climb the stairs. You should find a large room with pipes. Look for a raised catwalk and use the pipes to jump to it. You?ll find the chest in the room right after.

Third Chest

You get this chest right before facing the siege engine. Towards the end of the long hallway, you should see some perforated metal platforms. Walk on them and be on the lookout for a catwalk situated above. Climb up to it and scale the smaller catwalk to find the chest.

Fourth Chest

The final chest in Destiny of Iron can be found right after you jump off the siege machine. Once you land, you should see a large mountain with a pipe protruding. All you have to do is scale the mountain and enter the pipe to find the chest.

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