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Destiny Rise Of Iron Tips: Reach Light Level 365 In Two Hours

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Destiny Rise of Iron

There are a lot of new things in Destiny Rise of Iron, but as with any other concept in Bungie?s shooter, the grind is still there. Along with the new expansion is an increase in Light Level. The new cap is now 385. Again, players have found guaranteed ways to increase their?Light Level in just a short time. A recent discovery will allows Guardians to reach Light Level 365 in just two hours.

The Method

The new quick levelling guide comes from MeowzaForce. The YouTuber started the journey to Light Level 365 at level 320, and it took him two hours to reach the cap. The mission to farm is The Will of Crota.

Basically, what players need to do is farm the blue drops Omnigul has. Each of the blue drop of Omnigul is guaranteed to be at least 1 to 3 Light Levels higher than what the player has currently equipped. If the player has a 360 chest piece equipped, Omnigul will drop a chest piece that could range from 361-363. In a matter of two hours, players should have accumulated 365 Light Level equipment.

The difficult part about the farming method in Destiny Rise of Iron is that Omnigul isn?t a walk in the park. To make the feat easier, players need to be in a fireteam. Two of the members will attack Omnigul with Exotic swords. These melee attacks can deal 60 to 70k damage to Omnigul.

As for the other player, a Gjallarhorn?would be a good weapon. It can deal 30k damage to Omnigul. The main task of the ranged player is to kill the minions that come with Omnigul. An ability like Storm Call can wipe out the pesky minions, but this ability doesn?t deal much damage to Omnigul itself.

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