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Destiny Rise of Iron Time: Australia, US, And Availability For All Regions

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Destiny Rise of Iron

After a long time of waiting, Guardians can finally get their hands on Destiny?s latest expansion. Rise of Iron is expected to launch anytime now, but as with any DLC, it unlocks at a specific time per region. Those having trouble with launch times should look no further as we have the rundown on specifically when Destiny Rise of Iron will become available for each region.

Destiny Rise Of Iron Unlock Time

Rise of Iron will launch on Sept. 20, which is today. But that doesn?t mean that the expansion will be ready when the calendar hits the 20th. Here are the specific times per region in which Rise of Iron will be playable.

  • ????????US West Coast ? 2 am
  • ????????US East Coast ? 5 am
  • ????????UK ? 10:00am
  • ????????Western Europe ? 11 am
  • ????????Australia East Coast ? 7 pm

Anyone who pre-ordered Rise of Iron should have no trouble in getting into the game very quickly. Preloading the Rise of Iron was made available for a long time now, so most players should?ve already downloaded a huge chunk of the DLC. Preloading is available both on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so players don?t have to wait for a long time after the game unlocks.

What Is Rise Of Iron?

Destiny Rise of Iron is the newest major addition to Destiny. It comes a year after The Taken King, and it?s expected to add a lot of new changes to the game, much like the previous DLC. There will be a huge chunk of story added to the game with Rise of Iron, but that?s not all the expansion will bring. There?s a new social space called Felwinter Peak, but they?ll have to reclaim it first. Aside from that, players can expect to get their hands on a handful of new weapons and raids.

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