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Destiny Rise Of Iron: All-New Perks Added By Bungie

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Destiny Rise of Iron

Destiny Rise of Iron doesn?t come out for a few more days. However, some curious fans have already dug up the complete list of new equipment perks being added in the new expansion. In total, there are 57 new modifications you can use once the expansion goes live on September 20. Here are some of the noteworthy ones.

New Destiny Rise of Iron Perks To Look Out For

Speed Demon – Increased sprint speed, increased movement speed while aiming your weapon, and tighter turn radius while sprinting.

Titan players will receive a considerable speed boost in Destiny Rise of Iron, thanks to the new Dunemarcher exotic boots. You can expect these to be popular in PvP, so you better work on your aim unless you want to get cut down by a running and gunning Titan.

Howling Flames – Use this to unleash a fiery Solar eruption that weakens enemies and deals damage over time.

Though still unconfirmed, many fans predict that this perk will be attached to a new exotic sword. It could be a strong choice for mopping up fewer foes in raids and other PvE content.

The Corruption Spreads – Enemies that take repeated hits from this weapon spawn SIVA nanites that attack other enemies. Fallen take extra damage.

This is another PvE-centered perk. This one is rumored to be a perk for the new pulse rifle. Its effectiveness against fallen enemies will definitely be a huge bonus since the faction is Rise of Iron?s main antagonist.

There are many more perks to check out in the upcoming expansion. Below is the full?perks?list courtesy of RiseofIronHype from the?Destiny Subreddit. It won?t be long before you get to use them, since Destiny Rise of Iron releases next week!

Are you hyped for the game? Let us know what you think of these new additions in the comments below.

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