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Destiny Rise of Iron: All-New Content Revealed By Bungie

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Destiny Rise of Iron

After a multitude of leaks and false starts, Bungie officially lifted the curtain on the Destiny Rise of Iron expansion during a livestream event held earlier today. The information shared was pretty much in line with the game details accidentally revealed on the Xbox Store yesterday, but there was still some new tidbits we didn?t know about. There?s also a slick new announcement trailer, so be sure to check that out as well. Here are all the new things coming with Destiny Rise of Iron when it launches on September 20.

New Areas and Social Zone

Rise of Iron will take players into the Plaguelands, a once quarantined part of Old Russia that is now under the control of a group of Fallen known as the Devil Splicers. The Splicers are searching for a powerful piece of ancient technology under the ruins of the Plaguelands, and it?s up to you to stop them. You can expect new public events and unique patrols in old areas as well. Additionally, Bungie also said that the game?s original starting area, The Wall, will be getting a makeover. A new Social Zone for players to meet and interact will also be introduced.

New Raid and Strike

As expected, a new six-man raid and strike mission is coming with Rise of Iron. Bungie didn?t go into much detail about either one, so stay tuned for more information.

New Story Campaign, Quests, and Enemy Faction

As mentioned earlier, Rise of Iron will pit players against the Devil Splicers, a group of Fallen loyal to the House of Devils. Joining you in your quest will be Lord Saladin of the Iron Banner, who believes that the secret the Fallen are searching for has something to do with the Iron Lords mentioned in Destiny?s lore. Try and brush up on your history by checking out the Grimoire beforehand.

Increased Light Level + New Weapons and Gear

This being Destiny, expect dozens of new exotic weapons and armor for you to hunt when Destiny Rise of Iron goes live. We already know of two: the flaming war axe featured in Rise of Iron?s cover art and the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher that is coming as a pre-order bonus. The Light Level Cap will also be bumped up, so get ready to start the gear grind all over again.

New Crucible Maps and Modes

Multiplayer will also be getting some new features, but Bungie didn?t go into specifics during the Destiny Rise of Iron reveal livestream.

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