Destiny: Rise of Iron Gets private Matches, Feature to be Launched at Gamescom 2016

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Destiny: Rise of Iron players have something to look forward to, as the game will feature a private match between players soon. Bungie revealed that the player vs. player private match will be available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The announcement was from the company?s Destiny stream that was originally meant to announce next month?s expansion.

The private match will be introduced at the upcoming Gamescom 2016, but the PvP in Destiny: Rise of Iron will essentially be available to all PS4 and Xbox One players. As seen on the video by Gamespot, the private match includes the possible options of players when they create their own private matches.

The customization in the private matches include light level, time limits, maps and scoring.

In Bungie?s stream, they introduced how players can start their customization and the different ways they can play using such customization.

?You can create everything from a competitive showdown to a controlled sound-stage for your own stories,? Bungie revealed.

Choosing private matches is also possible, but players will have to wait for Gamescom 2016 as Bungie will share details on how they can do it.


Meanwhile, the three multiplayer modes included in Destiny: Rise of Iron are Last Exit, Skyline and Floating Gardens. Supremacy will also be included wherein killed guardians will still able to drop crests. When they do, players absolutely have the choice to get the crests and improve their points or just leave them alone.

Few weeks ago, Bungie had been tight-lipped about the latest Destiny expansion. Now it looks like they?re about to reveal more about it at the upcoming Gamescom 2016.

Felwinter Peak is the latest social space included in Rise of Iron, and until now, Bungie has not given any details about the feature. GameSpot reports that Felwinter Peak is under siege, and the only way to take it back is to complete the quests in the enemy?s territory.

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