Destiny Rise Of Iron Archon’s Forge: Max Light Level Items And What To Expect

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Destiny Rise of Iron

Bungie has just lifted the curtain on the Archon’s Forge, a new mode coming to Destiny Rise of Iron. Similar to the Prison of Elders and Court of Oryx areas introduced in previous expansions, the Forge will be in a public space. Guardians can drop in and out of each other?s games as they venture through the zone.

Get a First Look at the Archon’s Forge in Destiny Rise of Iron

Located in the new Plaguelands area, the Archon?s Forge will introduce classic wave-based gameplay to the game. Many have compared it to Gears of War?s horde mode with a little Destiny twist. Here?s how Bungie described the backstory behind the area.

?Archon?s Forge plays off the Fallen hierarchy system. A Fallen foot soldier has to scavenge for a piece of SIVA technology to prove his worth to his House, and then he offers it up at the Archon?s Forge in order to earn the right to fight and improve his standing. So, in effect, when you find these SIVA pieces that trigger the start of a fight, you?re stomping all over the Fallen ascension rituals!?

If players can outlast the swarms of Fallen that populate the forge, they will trigger a boss battle. Defeating this boss will reward them with Archon specific weapons and armor. These items can drop at the highest possible light level, so it definitely sounds like a worthwhile place for Guardians to gear up.

As is often the case with Destiny, partnering with a skilled fireteam will be essential if you want to clear out the Archon?s Forge efficiently. Any player who dies while inside will be locked out of the area. To reenter, someone from inside will have to revive him, so proper squad coordination is key.

What do you think? Are you excited to jump into the Archon?s Forge when Destiny Rise of Iron?releases on September 20?

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