Destiny Review: What We Know So Far

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Coming our way this third quarter (or Q3) of 2014 is a new game that will give gamers a reason to stay at home for days or weeks. Just like what happened when they released GTA V and Diablo 3, fans isolated themselves from the outside world to marathon those games. Destiny is set for ?release on September 9, 2014. It is said that they will be releasing the game for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Currently, the live beta test is available to fans and players who want to try and play the game until July 27, 2014.

So what do we know so far about the game? Well for one, it was developed by Bungie, the creators who brought us Halo and published by Activision that brought us the jam packed, war game series, Call of Duty. It is an FPS game where the enemies are beings from another world trying to invade and destroy our home planet, Earth.

The story revolves around the Guardians who have sworn to protect the last remaining city here on Earth against ?hostile aliens.

Destiny offers something new to the fans of FPS games. It will be more ?alive?, said Bungie. There will be events in-game that is not planned by the developers that will surely surprise gamers.

Destiny also offers a variety of classes to choose from when you are fighting enemies. They are:

  • Titan ? the ?brute? class that will knock down enemies that blocks its way by using their lightning-charged fist. Not only that, they have the toughest armor and shield which makes them close to being invincible.
  • Hunter ? a fast moving, blood thirsty class that hunts their prey with the use of their blade and gun.
  • Warlocks ? they are the magic user of the game. They manage to find a way on how to harness the power of the Traveler?s light that can aid them in the fight against the invading aliens.

The action in the game is okay I guess, like your typical co-op FPS, but the game is still on beta and they still have a lot of time to add more actions and features to it. The graphics and the details of the map on the other hand, are awesome! I can?t wait for the release of the game.

It?s safe to assume that the trailers that we see on YouTube and other sites are just the tip of the iceberg. Many gamers are excited when they first heard the news and saw the trailer for the game last year.

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