Destiny: Quick Guide To Find The Lysander?s Cry Sparrow

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Sparrows are the go-to vehicle in Destiny. There are a large number of these sporty looking hover but only a handful are coveted. And this holiday season, one of those coveted Sparrows are finally up for grabs. And it is the Lysander?s Cry Sparrow.

If you want to get your hands on this prized Sparrow, then you?re in luck. We?ll teach everything you need to know in order for you to own one easily.

Lysander?s Cry

Destiny?s The Dawning holiday events brings many event exclusives with it. Players will once again be able to join Sparrow Racing League and have a chance at getting ahold of Lysander?s Cry Sparrow.

Traditionally, getting Lysander?s Cry Sparrow involves searching every nook and cranny to find it hidden away in a gift box. But now you can skip all the search and go straight to your present.

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Head towards the Hangar of the Tower. You will find the gift box hidden away there.

Go to the Future War Cult vendor and inspect the stairs. Underneath the stairs you will find a blue The Dawning gift box with the words: ?For One Who Stood at Bannerfall.? This box isn?t Lysander?s Cry yet but it?s your first big tip.

Destiny: Lysander’s Gift

Next, simply start a private match on Bannerfall alone. Then head on towards the side of the map that will have banners of a fist. Then go to the building featuring catwalks on its right hand side.

Go to the lower level of the building?s interior to find the new Dead Ghost. You will find it near the hallway point just under a shelf. Once you have the Dead Ghost you can now return to the gift box that got you started on your quest.

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This time around, you will now find the text write: ?Lysander?s Gift.? Open up your present, and you know have the Legendary Lysander?s Cry Sparrow.

Lysander?s Cry Sparrow doesn?t have any special absurd stats but will let you perform some pretty cool spins and flips. Definitely a must have for bragging rights.

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