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?Destiny? Players Clock In At 25 Million All Over The World

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It seems more players continue to get hooked as Destiny has been played by around 25 million players.

Activision and Bungie?s online first person shooter Destiny is still getting more players every month, now having 25 million gamers playing their game, a huge leap from the previous 20 million from May and 16 million from February. The information came from Activision?s official earnings report, which showed an increase on their net revenues in digital games for third quarter as compared to the previous year, though their overall net revenue went down from $1.17 billion to $1.04 billion.

The release of the latest expansion The Taken King this September have contributed to the increased number of players in Destiny, with an average game time of three hours per day. Other milestones that Activision were happy to reveal include the day-one engagements of active players in Destiny was in all-time high, the most-watched console game on Twitch and record breaking day-one downloads for the PlayStation, though Activision did not mention on the exact number of active players in the game.

Aside from positive outcomes for Destiny, Activision also noted some figures from their other games from the financial report:

  • World of Warcraft subscribers reached 5.5 million, down from 5.6 million.
  • Call of Duty revenue increase by a “double-digit percentage” compared to last year thanks to “strong catalog sales” for Call of Duty: Black Ops, Black Ops II, and Advanced Warfare.
  • Hearthstone’s “key engagement metrics” grew 77 percent compared to last year; during the quarter, the game set a new quarterly record for revenue for the franchise.
  • Diablo III reached 2 million units sold in China.
  • Overwatch’s beta hit 7 million sign-ups.

Activision has also announced that they will be acquiring King Digital Entertainment, the creators of the mobile game Candy Crush Saga, in which they will expect to have an increase to their net revenue for next year.

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