Destiny of Spirits: A review for the PS Vita Freebie

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In what seems to be an effort to migrate social strategy games to other handhelds, Q Entertainment and SCE studios developed this free-to-play location based game for the PS Vita. Using folklore and myths from various regions (which we believe took countless hours on Wikipedia), this game immerses one into the realms of spirits and spirit battle. TheBitBag has taken a dandy at Destiny of Spirits?and has a few things to say about it in this review.


It is pretty straightforward. Like Pokemon. You catch-err we mean you summon spirits from a very unique and wide variety of available spirits. These spirits go into battle for you against chaotic spirits that need subduing. Think of it as a spiritual spouse coming to pick up their partner from the local bar after a night of heavy drinking.

Yes. You can summon Sasquatch. Need we say more?

Just like most social collectible titles, your pawns do not grow with traditional grinding. They grow with spirit merges wherein you sacrifice other units to strengthen the ones you want. This means the trick is not getting a lot of battles, but a lot of summons.

You have to feed them the tears of your rejected pawns

Your party can consist of summons from an array of more than five elements which gives you a little more diversity in terms of party development.

The battles you wage are turn-based in which you can take as many pauses as needed to give instructions to your minions. Targets may be changed and skills can be used to turn the tides of the exchanges.


The user interface hosts an interesting design wherein you literally scour the globe for your next mission. The controls and menus are easy to understand which provides you more time to worry about your party composition.

We also like that stylish font they used.


An interesting aspect of this game is the daily fortune. For each day, players will be assigned a fortune and an element associated with that fortune. This serves as an indicator of a higher or lower probability of getting certain summons or compatibility with other players of the game. Although it is called a fortune, players can choose to pay in-game currency (which can be bought with out-game benjamins) to alter their fortunes towards their advantage.

R is for Rare. Rare means not free and not on your freebie-loving dead body

GPS and Social Features

DoS uses the Vita?s GPS function as another tool by which you can hunt missions and chaotic spirits within the game. Just be sure that you?ve got good signal in your area. This provides an element of surprise for players who choose this function.

In terms of social features, the game allows you to make friends with other players from other regions. Friends can trade spirits and even use their presences to summon more spirits apart from what the player can summon alone.


In some aspects, this title seems like a rip-off of other social/collectible titles in the market (we dare not count how many are there right now). But it is evident that there was careful research and planning behind the development. However, in terms of playability, Destiny of Spirits is a good choice for the daily player who loves getting rewards simply for logging in and playing for a few minutes during the commute on the way home. Since it?s a free title for the PS Vita,?this review of Destiny of Spirits says that you should give it a try.




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