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Destiny News: Player Revealed The New Iron Banner Bounties For Upcoming Rise of Iron

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Destiny Rise of Iron Guide
Destiny Rise of Iron Guide

Destiny players are getting excited about the upcoming return of Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris. Trials of Osiris will have a head start as it’s set to launch this coming weekend.

Iron Banner has mostly been a mystery to the community, but with new revelations coming out, we have some new info. Read on to learn what?s new!


The Story

The new info came from a Destiny player who was going through the Destiny companion app. The player found that apparently, four Iron Banner bounties were already in the app?s quest list. Accidental leak?

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With an aging community and the rise of tougher competition such as Overwatch, its been expected that Bungie would have to revamp some returning and new content. For one, they did say that Tempered buff, along with reputation boosting gear, would be scrapped.

The primary reason for the changes was to help level out the playing field. The removal of the buff and reputation gear introduced the new event system which gave all players the chance to farm for gear and level up at the same time.

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Fair Rewards

The new Iron Banner Bounties will follow the same path with the upcoming rewards. Not only will the Iron Banner Bounties be fairer, it?s expected to be more rewarding as well.

There will be four collectible bounties. Each bounty will give a piece of gear. Two of the four will be weapons and the other two will be armor.

It?s still unknown just what the gear will be. But it’s speculated that it will be a new themed Iron Banner set. If it isn?t, odds are it will be some kind of set at the very least.

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Bungie is taking the reward system of Destiny and making it less grueling for players and it?s been noticed on Year three. Gone are the days of completing very difficult feats during events.

To make things worse, some of the feats were just too steep for some players. Not everyone can get top score. With the new bounties, all players will stand a much better chance of being rewarded by just playing the game.

Hype is certainly starting to mount on Iron Banner?s better reward dynamic. Destiny players can only hope that Bungie actually delivers once it launches.


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