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Destiny Holiday Update: Rise of Iron The Dawning Patch Notes, Skeleton Keys Drop Increase, Holiday Game Modes, Bug Fixes

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Destiny Holiday Update
Destiny: Rise of Iron The Dawning

Destiny players are in for some big treat this holiday season. On its Destiny Holiday update, expect a ton of goodies, and much awaited fixes.

Happy Holidays

First off, Skeleton Key drop rates are about to go up. The drop rates of Skeleton keys will increase in the SIVA Crisis playlist, weekly Nightfall, and SIVA Crisis Heroic playlist.

And now practically anyone will also have a sure chance of getting one. Every first completed run of Nightfall will give players a Skeleton Key each week.

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Some much awaited bug fixes are also coming in. Some players ran into a problem receiving a trophy/achievement. These were the Student of History Trophy/Achievement, and The Sigil of the Young Wolf Emblem after attuning all the Rise of Iron Artifacts.

The Destiny holiday update is also set to bring back some great holiday festivities that can only be accessed during this time of the year. These include Sparrow Racing, Year 3 Ice Breaker, The Dawning, and other modes.

Destiny Holiday Update Plus

Players above Level 40 have an extra bonus to log in during the holiday season. Players above Level 40 will automatically change their Green Uncommon Engrams to Armor and Weapon Materials just by picking them up.

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Plus, Brother Vance will have a special offer as well. He will let you make a material exchange for some much needed Passage Coins. You can now buy back all the quest weapons that you?ve dismantled with the Gunsmith. Brother Vance is also making the same material exchange for Motes of Light as well.

Finally, Legendary weapons can now be repurchased. This can be done through the Gunsmith?s Rank 2 Quest.

There?s still more that can be said, such as the new gear for the Dawning. But we?ll let you guys discover that when you log into the game. Stay tuned in with us for latest news and updates on Destiny!

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