Destiny, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm Earns Activision Blizzard $1.25 Billion

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Gaming giant Activision Blizzard is happy once again as they earned a large boost on revenues for 2nd quarter of 2015. During its Q2 financial report, Activision Blizzard has earned over $1.25 billion in estimated revenues for their hit titles Destiny, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone, an increase from 1st quarter where they earned around a billion dollars and $450 million from 4th Quarter of 2014. The three games have garnered more than 70 million registered players.


This is possible due to the increased number of players for both Hearthstone and Destiny since Q1, where it was confirmed that there are 50 million players registered for the two games, however it has not been confirmed on how big Heroes of the Storm?s contribution to the revenue and increased players.

With the increased number of players, Destiny has now over 2 billion hours of gameplay from the players since its launch last year, where each of the 20 million registered players have over 100 hours of gameplay. The increase was well contributed with the release of the House of Wolves expansion.




Along with the MMO revenue, Activision also announced that their digital monetization has increased by 25% every year. This is well attributed by the Call of Duty franchise especially with last year?s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that also increased online revenues from season passes, downloadable contents and micro-transactions.

Meanwhile, despite a significant drop on World of Warcraft?s total subscribers to 5.6 million, Blizzard?s revenue are still up year-over-year. They?ll expect an increase on the subscribers once they release Fury of Hellfire; their largest non-expansion content update and also with the announcement of a new expansion this week at Gamescom in Germany.

Diablo III also has its share of increase, selling over 30 million copies this year thanks to its release in China.


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