Destiny Guide: Getting The Iron Gjallarhorn and Secrets

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Apparently, Bungie has announced that Rise of Iron players would get a Gjallarhorn. Bungie has fulfilled the promise, with a few conditions. However, there was a slight catch, the players need to pre-order. The Destiny Guide for acquiring Gjallarhorn is below

Every player will surely get their hands on the said weapon. But the people who pre-ordered the expansion will receive the Iron version. The idea of having a black Gjallarhorn was enough for most of the players to pre-order the DLC back then.

However, Bungie missed the explanation of how the players will acquire the weapon. Much similar to Black Spindle and Sleeper Simulant, the Gjallarhorn was supposed to be an exotic weapon quest.

Destiny Guide

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Long-story-short, the players will receive the Iron Gjallarhorn immediately. As soon as the players reach the Tower, the Postmaster will have the weapon ready. However, the players won?t be able to use it immediately.

The Iron Gjallarhorn can be considered as a skin or a casing. It can only be used after the players acquire the reward of the quest Gjallarhorn. Until then, they won?t be able to use the real Iron version of the weapon.

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Destiny Guide – How To Get The Quest

After successfully completing the main story missions of Rise of Iron. The players will be given some few quests to complete. Some of the quests will require the players to patrol in the Plaguelands.

Eventually, the players will be tasked to scan some anomaly within Site 6. After completing the task, the players are required to go to the Iron Temple. When the players reach the designated new social space, a quest named ?Beauty in Destruction? will be given to them.

The quest is the Gjallarhorn exotic weapon quest. In order to assemble the Year 3 Gjallarhorn, 7 medallions must be acquired.

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If the players are familiar with the Plaguelands? major sectors, it will be easy. The medallions served as the?remnants of the Iron Lords. When the players come close to a medallion, an icon will appear.

Destiny Guide – Medallion Locations

The medallions can be located in the following locations:

  1. Site 6
  2. Bunker Triglav
  3. Giant?s Husk
  4. Forgotten Pass
  5. Archon?s Keep
  6. Lord?s Watch
  7. Felwinter Peak

After locating every single one of the medallions. The players are required to go to the Crucible Map. The players will be tasked to diffuse the bombs and survive some waves of enemies.

After successfully completing the tasks, the players must collect some Blueprints. These blueprints are required to build the Gjallarhorn. The mission will be similar to the subclass quests in the Taken King.

After completing the Bannerfall section, collecting 5 Siva Clusters are required. There will be more than 5 Clusters to collect. Acquiring these materials shouldn?t be hard, but this thread on Reddit can also help.

After completely acquiring 5 Siva Clusters, the players will return to Earth. The players are then required to collect the old pieces of Gjallarhorn. Collecting the pieces will lead the players to Frontier, Crucible map from Year 2.

The players will be tasked to protect the Ghost, while he rebuilds the Gjallarhorn. The Ghost will eventually complete rebuilding the weapon and the players will be able to use the Gjallarhorn. For more of Destiny Guide, stay tuned at TheBitBag.

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