Destiny Ghost Bullets Explained In Test Video With Bungie’s Response

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Since the release of The Taken King last year, the game received a large number of changes. Adding nerfs, buffs and overall balancing to the general gameplay of Destiny. There have been a discussion on Reddit and the official forums that there are some weird happenings.

What is Ghost Bullet

For instance, the weapon Hand Cannon is producing some kind of Phantom Bullet or Ghost Bullet. These bullets trigger?when the weapon is fired. It is believed that the concept is linked to the gun archetype itself.

The Ghost Bullet spins around the fired round from the Hand Cannon. The Ghost Bullet then?will vanish after some amount of time. Furthermore, when it comes to Destiny Player vs. Environment or PVE, it won?t matter that much as players won?t even be able to notice the said bullet, or probably just ignore it.


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However, for the people who play the online competitive modes of the game. It can be very important or could even be a matter of winning or losing.

Having the round vanish into thin air using a gun with a slow rate of fire is a big deal for many. It could also identify the weak strength of the player inside the game. One of the respected Destiny player, TrippleWRECK, has tested the Ghost Bullet mystery in Crucible.

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Actual Ghost Bullet Test

The test was done with the opposing person who happens to live near the area of tripleWRECK. Using this method, the lag, delays and other possibilities of interference in-game will be avoided. In the video below, people can see that the weapon lacks both accuracy and range greatly.

Hence, the test shows that the round fired from the weapon is very unreliable and inconsistent. It is also unknown if the second shot will be as accurate as the second shot. The weapon?s bloom should also be considered.

Bloom is when the accuracy of the weapon is reduced as the player shoots a barrage of rounds. Weapon bloom is present in Destiny to prevent the players from firing Hand Cannons repeatedly. This about Hand Cannon had been seriously affecting players. Since the weapon is one of the most accurate primary weapons that can be found in Destiny.

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Bungie?s Statement

Destiny developer, Bungie has responded to the issue 12 hours ago. Bungie has written an explanation about the said issue within their main forum. For the full statement of Bungie, Click Here.

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