?Destiny? Game Gets Lawsuit: Story Change Controversy Confirmed!

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The storyline of Destiny was supposed to be better, except something happened midway to its release.

There were rumors spreading that the original story of the hit online shooter Destiny was supposed to have a different version, this was according to a Reddit user where he explains that he was invited by developer Bungie to try Destiny before the retail launch. Though Bungie was very silent in regards to this issue, the departure of lead writer Joseph Staten a year before the launch is a sign that something went wrong.

According to the document posted by Venturebeat where it shows the details of the lawsuit filed by former employee and music composer Marty O?Donnell against Bungie over outstanding shares, this also shed light to the rumored story revision in the game which also caused a delay to the game?s release. Destiny was supposed to be released in September 2013, but the story was substantially revised in August 2013, which moved the release date to March 2014.

O?Donnell explained that after taking a brief vacation in early fall, he proceed to work in the story and the recorded dialogue for the game, but did not wrote any additional music, then his supervisor and audio team claimed that they did not consider him to be fully engaged in his work as Audio Director, O?Donell left Bungie in April, 2014 where he stated he was terminated ?without cause?. He also won the lawsuit against Bungie.

Another interesting detail is that after deciding to change the story in August 2013, it was also a month before Joseph Staten left the company, Staten has worked as a developer with Bungie for more than 15 years.

It is still hard to say on how rough the development of Destiny was, as more issues have surfaced during its development, some players felt that the game?s story would have been better if it was not revised at the last minute, now with The Taken King expansion releasing in just a few days, Bungie promised a much focused story and hopefully for the best.

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