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Destiny For Xbox One Gets Improved Resolution Thanks To Microsoft’s Kinect-less Console Update

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Destiny for Xbox One to have better resolution

Microsoft?s move to release Kinect-less Xbox One consoles has paved the way for game makers to come up with higher resolution titles. Game developer Bungie has been reported to release Destiny for Xbox One with an improved display resolution.

Just last week, the technology giant announced that an updated software development kit (SDK) will increase the Xbox One?s GPU performance. Consequently, upcoming games (e.g. Destiny for Xbox One & Sunset Overdrive) to be developed using the said SDK will enjoy better graphics and flexibility from the said console. At present, several multi-platform games including Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4?are able to display ?a higher resolution on Sony?s PlayStation 4 compared to those on Xbox One.

The June SDK from Microsoft removes the GPU allocation earlier reserved for the Kinect sensor. In other words, more memory is now available for games to use. This adjustment results in an increase of up to 10 percent in GPU power. This means that the Destiny for Xbox One will run much smoother and its graphics will look noticeably better.

Screenshot from Destiny for Xbox One trailer

Screenshot from Destiny for Xbox One trailer

In a podcast interview with Eurogamer, Xbox boss Phil Spencer mentioned that no particular details about Destiny for Xbox One?s resolution have been given. He noted that it is very good news in itself just by just knowing that the game will have better graphics. Spencer further explained that players do not need to unplug the Kinect sensor just to benefit from the GPU performance boost; the console?s system apparently recognizes when it?s time to scale the game accordingly.

This news about Destiny for Xbox One came just as Microsoft?s Kinect-less Xbox One became available today for $ 399.99. Speaking about the new version of Xbox One?s added GPU power, Spencer explained that they wanted to offer a choice to developers on how much of the Kinect reserve they want to leave within the system. He noted that if game developers recognize the right method to use Kinect, or if they choose not to use Kinect at all, Microsoft wanted them to have access to the inner workings of the console and decide how much of the said reserve will be used.

Screenshot from Destiny for Xbox One trailer

Screenshot from Destiny for Xbox One trailer

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