Destiny Expansion To Release Remaining Exotics?

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Destiny Expansion

Destiny currently has a rising competitor in the form of Ubisoft?s The Division. With this, is it finally time to release the unimplemented Exotic items that have existed since The Taken King expansion?

According to a DPedrollo?s Destiny The Game Reddit thread, some confirmed Exotic rare items such as the Thagomizers won?t be dropped or obtained until they are finally announced in the game. Some sentiments in the thread say that they have left Destiny to play Ubisoft?s The Division as they slowly lost interest in the game due to the slow arrival of content.

Destiny?s The Taken King expansion has already been out for five months, and some of these missing Exotic items are found to have entries on the official site?s Equipment Directory despite them not being implemented. For example, the Thagomizers have not been implemented in the game, as confirmed in a Destiny Reddit thread way back in October 29, 2015. The Thagomizers have been dredged up by some players in DPedrollo?s thread as they were still not implemented this March.

Reddit User Xephon-70 has also supplied a short list of unreleased Exotic items, according to an article from Planet Destiny. Besides the Thagomizers, other exotic equipment such as Ophidian Aspect, Shinobu?s View, Dunemarchers, and Fr0st-EE5 are also part of the list. Maybe Bungie and Activision may start considering to release more content in the upcoming Destiny expansion as they now have a direct competitor from Ubisoft.

As of the moment, Tom Clancy?s The Division from Ubisoft has yet to prove if it can truly stand toe-to-toe with Destiny as it?s only a week-old video game as of this writing. We?ll have to wait and see if Ubisoft can keep their player base.

On Ubisoft?s side, the company might get better chances due to their Year One and Season Pass announcement video on YouTube. As for new content for Destiny, Siliconera has confirmed a Destiny sequel coming in 2017 and a Destiny expansion this 2016. It?s possible that we?ll see the implementation of these missing Exotics in the coming 2016 expansion, but that might anger fans more and cause them to shift to other games if the developer doesn?t pick up speed soon.

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