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Destiny: Essential Guardian Tips

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These helpful tips will get you geared up and ready to go for the Iron Banner tournament or Crucible matches. Well then, shall we begin?

Pick Whichever Guardian You Want To Use
This is a very important point that every gamer gets across in venturing into an MMO-like environment.? Even if other players or friends keep telling you to pick a class that they do not want, why should you?
The ideal team in Destiny is the holy trinity, Damage, Tank and Support. However, it won?t hurt your team if you?re ?going to add? an extra Warlock. Just pick any class you want and then enjoy and love it, and soon you will become quite attached to your Guardian of choice.

Take Your Time While Creating Your Character
There isn?t much to explain here, but we think it?s important. Why? Because in Destiny, you will be seeing your character?s face much often. Each time you mount your bike, enter the tower, check your stats or items, use an emote or watch cinematic.

In Destiny, Death Means Nothing
Up until now, we haven?t found any real penalties for death in Destiny?s story or explore mode. In Crucible matches, other Guardians will be murdering you numerous times, but you will not be dead for too long in the field. Why? Because Destiny?s current content is very easy, I mean ?VERY?.
Even if they kill you, you?ll be able to respawn back quickly, and in a Strike mission, you can wait for your time to expire (30 seconds) while your allies can just run around like retards.

Make Friends And Stay Together
When it comes to this department, Destiny needs some improvements. However, using the voice chat in PvE and PvP environments will surely improve your overall gaming experience. The key and most probably the biggest advantage in team play is communication. Why would you choose to emote your way into something if you can easily communicate with others? And if ever you?re unfortunate enough to not own a mic, then just add them as friends. At least you?ll be able to make a new pal for future adventures.

Always Participate In Public Events
The most entertaining part of leveling thus far is the Public Events. Joining these events, you?ll be acquiring awesome rewards and vanguard reputation, which can be received thru mail and can be used to get great items. And you would probably want to join the Iron Banner tournament, because the chances of you obtaining free legendary items are pretty high, even from a loss.


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