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Destiny E3 2016 Live Stream: Watch More Rise Of Iron Gameplay

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Bungie has been making the rounds at E3, showing off Destiny?s latest expansion, Rise of Iron, to numerous news outlets. Over at the PlayStation Experience livestream, community manager David ?Deej? Dague dropped by to show off some cool gameplay snippets from the upcoming add-on. Here are some of the biggest Destiny E3 highlights.

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The footage shows off Rise of Iron?s new six-man Raid as well as the game?s new areas: Felwinter Peak and the Plaguelands. You can see the entire Destiny E3 2016 live stream from PlayStation right here.

Rise of Iron was not present at Sony?s press conference this year, but a lot of info regarding the game was shared elsewhere. Creative director Christopher Barrett had a lot to say about the new Raid in an interview with?GameRant.

As expected, the new dungeon will pit Guardians against the Devil Splicers, a mutated version of the Fallen who are digging through the tombs of the Iron Lords in search of an ancient mystery. Barrett also said that the raid will have a similar opening to Destiny?s first ever raid: The Vault of Glass. That mission began with players fighting to open the vaults? doors by guarding pedestals located in the public space of the planet Venus. It was always cool as a regular player to stumble into a raid team fighting at the vault entrance, so hopefully Rise of Iron?s raid can recreate that feeling.

Barrett told Express that the game will also have a heavy focus on the history of the Iron Lords and Lord Saladin, who players will know as the NPC behind Destiny?s Iron Banner PvP mode.

?They?ve been playing the Iron Banner Tournament since the beta, and we wanted to dive deeper into that lore,? said Barrett. ?We wanted to bring forward the character of Lord Saladin, really dive into his backstory and learn more about these weapons that players have gotten familiar with in the Iron Banner.?

More Destiny Rise of Iron footage will be streamed today on Gamespot at 1:00PM PDT and IGN E3 at 11:00AM PDT so be sure to tune in if you want to learn more. For more Destiny E3 news and updates, keep it right here on the BitBag.

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