Destiny Dev Pays $95,000 for Terminated Employee

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Destiny, despite of its success, has faced some legal issues along its way. Recent reports stated that Bungie has been in a legal conflict with its own employee, Marty O’Donnell. Marty O’Donnell filed a lawsuit against Bungie’s CEO, Harold Ryan last May.

However, the?case has been dismissed as O?Donnell finally got what he wanted, $95,000 worth of unpaid work and damages.

The dispute started when Bungie terminated veteran composer, Marty O?Donnell. According to O?Donnell, he was terminated ?without a cause?. And for that particular?reason, he pressed charges.

Marty O?Donnell, an Ex-Halo composer who is the one responsible for Halo’s heart-pounding soundtrack, was terminated from his previous post. Halo generated over $3.4 billion over its lifetime sales. Marty O’Donnell had been a huge part of the game’s success. He also created compositions for Destiny.?He has been working with Bungie since 2000. However, O?Donnell was fired on April 11 as audio director at the Bellevue, Washington-based Bungie. The termination would be logical if there was a solid cause but according to O?Donnell, he was kicked out of the studio for no particular reason.

King County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Ramsdell in Seattle was?the one presiding the case. He agreed to??the deal that Ryan will have to pay $95,000 to O?Donnell to settle the legal claims related to the lawsuit that O?Donnell filed last May. Ryan will have to pay him $38,385 for unpaid work and accrued holiday time, another $38,385 for damages, and Attorney fees and interests that will amount to $95, 019.13.

Bungie still has not announced the reasons for O’Donnell’s termination nor to comment about the previous trial. However, all Bungie did was to ?wish him luck with all his endeavors?.

We can still see O?Donnell?s work featured in Destiny. Destiny is currently in beta and a lot of gamers are really loving the game, ?especially while listening to his original compositions. His contributions to the Halo series will still remain.

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