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Destiny: The Dawning Paper Fortune; Tips On How To Get One

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Destiny fans can witness a small mystery to the running holiday event. Paper fortunes are unveiled at the tower, which brought some mysterious and meaningless messages. You can even get your Paper fortune from a Box of Fortunes in the tower.

There are five boxes at the front of the gates and you have to open all of them one by one. The last box is the box of fortune.?

Destiny: The Dawning Paper Fortune

The dawning gifts have been placed in the game for the fans to encourage the holiday spirit. There are 5 boxes and out of which, one box contains a Paper Fortune. After opening all the 5 boxes you will receive two things, a paper fortune and Dawning fortunes grimoire card.

Paper fortune is a tradition refugees brought to the last city. And it seems like the developers are going to keep the tradition by making it more interesting. The developers stated that ?Fortune telling at the start of a new year is one of many traditions refugees brought to the Last City. Each Dawning, Guardians open mysterious boxes containing paper fortunes, hoping for luck and good news.?

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How to get One Destiny Paper Fortune

After opening the box of fortunes, you will able to get one dawning paper fortune for yourself. The paper fortune carries various messages. Some of the paper fortunes were also found in the crucible forms, as per Twinfinite.

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The fans have mixed reactions about the dawning gift boxes. They even shared their messages on social media platforms liked Reddit. ?Some of the players speculated that these messages are mission objectives and are hinting towards the future of Destiny?s story.

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