?Destiny? Boss Beaten Using Rock Band Drum Set: Here?s How He Did It

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And you think beating this boss is already difficult. Destiny has it fair shares of difficult game bosses, and one of them of the raid mission where you need to defeat Crota and he is one tough boss to tackle. Some have already vanquished the deadly raid boss yet many have failed. But one gamer attempted to defeat the boss rather in a unique method, by using a drum set.

Youtuber Sean Gallagher has managed to record his playthrough while tackling against the son of Crota by just using his Rock Band Drum set. What Sean did is that he remapped the controls from his game controller in Destiny to his Rock Band drum set, and mapping the controls are difficult especially for a first person shooter. And of course do not expect to have an accurate aiming and better movement when using a drum set, but Sean managed to survive the raid and defeated the raid boss in a span of 8 minutes.

Before you could congratulate him for his effort and thinking it would be a piece of cake, remember that Sean made a live stream session where it took him around 45 minutes to complete the raid with over 20 retries. Though we have to give some credit to him as beating Crota as a team was already difficult, imagine doing solo against him and even using a drum set as your controller, and we forgot to mention that he uses wooden spoons as his drumstick. Let us not even forget that Sean has beaten several tough bosses before in multiple attempts, so his experience was also an advantage.

There were other boss battle that were vanquished using drum sets, and one of them for Dark Souls where a player used a similar approach while tackling Ornstein and Smough; one of the most difficult game bosses in Dark Souls.

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