Destiny Beta Problem: Game Fails to Run at 1080p

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Screenshot from Destiny for Xbox One trailer

A lot of players are waiting for the release date of Destiny. Today, the game is still on beta. The game is not polished to say the least, but it looks pretty decent so far. However, Xbox One gamers were not able to run the game on 1080p.

Destiny Beta reportedly failed to reach their goal to run at 1080p for Xbox One. Bungie has just confirmed in an IGN livestream, that playing Destiny on Xbox One will only reach 900p. However, they mentioned that it is still in beta and the goal will still remain — the game will run on all platforms at 1080p.

Despite of the failed attempt to run it at 1080p, Bungie?s Community Manager said that there will be time for improvements. Public beta launched 1PM ET yesterday,?July 17th on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Even though Xbox One players failed to experience the 1080p resolution, they were still able to log in to the game.

While Xbox One gamers are still bothered?with the resolution problem, Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 owners are now facing a different problem. Eager fans has been mashing the download button that even their own network cannot handle the numbers popping up on the screen. Destiny Beta is so popular, the Playstation Network can?t keep up with the number of players downloading the game. With the traffic surge that Destiny caused to PSN, it went offline. Recent update says that Xbox Live went offline too. However, reports stated that Xbox Live?s problem was not caused by Destiny.

The Destiny beta includes sampling of maps and control mode for PVP multiplayer mode. The control mode is like a hybrid of team deathmatch mode and objective mode. The goal is to reach a total of 20,000 points. Whoever reaches the goal first wins the game. However, if the time ends and no one reaches the goal, the game will select the team with the highest score.

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