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Destiny Beta: Guide To Defeat Monsters And Finding Dead Ghosts

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Destiny Beta will soon be accessible on Xbox One and Xbox 360 users, but prior to this, it has already been dynamic on PS3 and users of PS4. For those who are adamant on surviving the Cosmodrome and Crucible undisclosed sites, here is a guide that may somehow help you through.

Survival is your only option once you enter the battlefield, and Cosmodrome will not make this easy for you. Your initial hit may prove harder than you think and Crucible will be even worse. So for you to be able to survive and get through, managing your first steps will help you a lot.

The radar is your best point of surviving, so you need to make sure you take note of the radar. In the Crucible, the radar makes up the foundation of survival, and it detects enemies that hover near you, as well as the course they have been through. Knowing this simple information will enable you to formulate an attack plan.

In Crucible where there is a 10+ kill streak, it is advisable that your eyes are on the radar for you to prepare a waylay on monsters, not only initiating an ambush but also to execute it. If you?care less about your radar, you will probably end up dead, earlier than you would think.

Avoid staying in the same place, make sure that you are mobile unless you are facing the Walker. Putting down the Walker will require you to stay invisible, meaning, be out of sight and work on putting it down until such time you can aim for the upper torso.

Dead Ghosts

You may need the Dead Ghosts to increase your Grimoire points. These dead ghosts are normally hidden, and should be literally hunted down in order to gain points and as such, there are ways for you to find them. The first dead ghost encounter is located on the Walk area of the Traveler?s Tower. Now that?s a head?s up on the 5 more dead ghosts.

You can also check here to know the locations of other dead ghosts.

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