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Destiny Beta Dates Confirmed

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Can?t wait to get your hands on Destiny? Then you?re in luck. Players may finally get their hands on the much anticipated Action-FPS game as publisher Activision just announced the beta test run dates for the consoles.

Sony earlier confirmed during the E3 Conference that PS3 and PS4 owners will first get beta access to the game. Microsoft, on the other hand, announced late last month that beta access will arrive a bit later on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Activision released the specific beta dates: For PS3 and PS4, the beta will run on July 17 until July 28 while beta access for Xbox 360 and Xbox One users will come a week later on July 23. There will be a short interruption in the middle of the beta run though. Servers will be offline from July 21 to 22 for maintenance. The beta test will come to a halt in all platforms at the same date and time on July 28.

Meanwhile, Activision also announced two collector?s edition packs: The $149.99 Destiny Ghost Edition and the $99.99 Destiny Limited Edition. Both packs will include the following collectibles (taken from IGN):

-????????? A steelbook disc case and disc copy of the game

-????????? A field manual with ?handwritten? notes

-????????? An ?antique? star chart

-????????? A Guardian folio

-????????? Four postcards from the Golden Age (i.e.Earth before the Darkness decimated it)

-????????? The Destiny Expansion Pass ($34.99 value; good for Expansion I and II)

-????????? Collector?s Edition Digital Content (an in-game Ghost skin, player emblem, and ship skin)

-????????? A life-size replica of the Ghost robot, complete with lights and Peter Dinklage dialogue samples (only available for the Destiny Ghost Edition)

Lastly, an $89.00 Digital Guardian Edition is also available for those who don?t want a disc copy of the game. Instead, it includes a digital download of Destiny, early access to the Vanguard armory and player emblem bonuses, reservation for both Destiny?s expansion sets, and the exclusive Collector?s Edition digital content.

Destiny is set to be launched on September 9 on the mentioned platforms.

They also released a new trailer for the beta:

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