Destiny: A List Of All Crucible Maps And Crucible Game Types Discovered

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Bungie?s Destiny Beta is nearing its end. All we have now is a ?today? estimation, and KingOfCarrotFlowers, a Reddit user ?? has put together a list of missions and maps that have been uncovered so far, and after being data mined from the companion app and beta, has been featured in DestinyDB.

Bear in mind that this list may still not be complete, since there?s much more that could be added until its release. And because of the nature of data mining, this has to be considered only a “rumor”. It?s important to keep in mind that Bungie did not officially release this information, so it should not be taken literally.




  • Exodus Blue
  • Rusted Lands
  • Twilight Gap


  • The Anomaly
  • First Light


  • Blind Watch
  • Firebase Delphi
  • Bastion


  • Shores of Time
  • Asylum


  • The Burning Shrine


(All the maps listed include Salvage, Control, Rumble, Skirmish and Clash game modes.



  • Trials of Osiris ? (Skirmish 3v3): You have caught Osiris? eyes. ?Travel to Mercury and prove that you are a Crucible Elite. Only those who are worthy may be able to face the Trials of Osiris, because only the worthy posses the power to endure what is coming.Victories will grant you amazing rewards, but be careful. If you lose three times, you?re out.
  • Ancient Relics ? (Salvage 3v3): The Arachs of Dead Orbit cover rare artifacts. To claim the secrets of our part, you must defend and secure the relics.
  • The Grand Arena ? (Rumble 3v3): You against everybody. Using pure combat, prove yourself to the new Monarchy. ?Challenge your fellow Guardians and hone your light.
  • Executor?s Challenge ? (Skirmish 3v3): Teamwork will be your greatest weapon here. The new Mornarchy is searching for those who are capable of reclaiming the frontier. This is a focused engagement between two fireteams.
  • Iron Banner ? (6v6): In battles, Champions are born. Earn the respect of the Lords of Iron by proving your might.
  • Dead Sectors ? (Control 6v6): To expand their reach beyond the City, The Dead Orbit ?now desires new territories. Fight for dominance of strategic battle zone. Hold your ground and gain the momentum
  • Eternal War ? (Clash 6v6): The Future Cult is searching for worthy champions who can face the inevitable future. Form a strong alliance and fight for ascendancy across our old world?s ruins.


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