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Destiny 2: Xur And The Cryptarch To Get Bigger Role In The Sequel

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Two of your favorite Destiny NPCs will be getting expanded roles in Destiny 2. Last week, Bungie game director Scott Taylor told GamesBeat that he and his team were looking at ways to flesh out many of the lore?s existing characters, with the Xur and the Cryptarch getting singled out specifically.

Expect More NPC Stories in Destiny 2

?When I look at the universe of Destiny, I see a lot of opportunity to tell stories about these characters that ? you look at the Cryptarch and Xur, we don?t know much about them, but they?re cool characters.? Explained Taylor.

?I?m curious about them. I want to know more about the Cryptarch. He seems mean. What?s going on with Xur? We?re trying to create these opportunities, and then the expansions are a great place to live in.?

This wouldn?t be the first time that Bungie has tried to breathe more life into Destiny?s supporting cast. In last year?s Taken King expansion, Cayde-Six ? one of the class vanguards that mentors players in the tower ? was given a significant role in the story.

On the other hand, this September?s Rise of Iron add-on will have a strong focus on Lord Saladin ? the NPC that handles the Iron Banner PvP event in-game.

Taylor says that, ?The fun thing about that is, in Destiny ? you can think of these characters as wallpaper or background detail, but I think of them as opportunities for us to dive into.?

We think it is cool that Bungie is actively trying to expand on the lore and backstory of the characters in Destiny?s universe. One of the biggest complaints about the base game was how most of the interesting fiction was buried away in the game?s grimoire card encyclopedia.

Hopefully Rise of Iron and Destiny 2 can up the story telling even more.

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