Destiny 2: Will Bungie Reveal The Game At Gamescom 2016?

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Destiny 2

Gamescom 2016 is bringing a lot of gaming news, and recently Bungie revealed new details about Destiny. There are chances that the company might reveal new information about its sequel, Destiny 2. Some leaked information and hints from the company itself have created buzz in the industry.

Bungie will host a conference at Gamescom 2016 for Destiny. The company?s event will run for three days, starting from August 17 at 11 a.m. CEST. Bungie has already confirmed that Destiny 2 is currently in development. There are chances that new details about the sequel will appear this time because the company said earlier that they will shift their focus to the sequel after releasing the expansion for the original game.

On the official website, Bungie suggests that the Gamescom conference will be focused on Destiny Rise of Iron. The company has already hosted a livestream on the first day of Gamescom, revealing new details about it. A fan on Reddit suggests that there?s a big chance that Bungie will also unveil Destiny 2 details at the event. The user claims that the live streaming channel Twitch has created a Destiny 2 page, which might confirm that Bungie is cooking up a Gamescom 2016 reveal.

Fans speculate that Bungie might introduce Destiny 2 today along with the Destiny Rise of Iron expansion. As the Rise of Iron is still under wraps and will be released on September 20, Bungie might hint at something or reveal something in post-show interviews.

For Destiny players, Bungie has shared details about new features coming in Rise of Iron. The company has added private matches to the game. More details about the Clan roster and raids are also now available. Bungie has also revealed some PS4 exclusive content which includes the exclusive PvP map Icarus and ships and quests for PlayStation 4 owners.

Fans have been expecting many new features and changes in Destiny 2, and now everyone is waiting for Bungie?s next move.

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