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Destiny 2: Things Bungie Should Learn From The Division

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Despite the rather unsuccessful Destiny, Bungie is looking to pick up the pieces from the shooter/RPG and develop a far better title with Destiny 2. Very little is known about Destiny 2 aside from its release date being moved to 2017. With still a year away, Bungie has a lot of time to improve the sequel.

As of now, one of the most talked about games is Ubisoft?s The Division. The upcoming game has been compared with Destiny on several aspects, but it?s still an entirely different title. After two beta testing periods, things are looking good for Tom Clancy?s The Division. Since Destiny is said to be similar to the upcoming game, there may be a couple of things Bungie can learn from The Division which could help with the success of Destiny 2.

Keep It Simple ????????????????????????????????????????

The Division?s premise is simple. A virus has hit the world and everything?s gone wrong. A small group known simply as The Division is there to keep peace and order. The setting will let players roam around a New York City replica. Destiny, on the other hand, takes place in several planets. The idea of interstellar travel excited a lot of players, but the execution came up short.

Bungie can no longer steer away from the galaxy with Destiny 2. However, what they could do is let the game take place in one planet in particular. If they can?t promise seamless interstellar travel, Destiny 2?s setting should be similar to The Division?s, not expansive but dense and fully explorable.

Exciting Features

One of the core features of The Division that sets it apart from Destiny is the ability of players to go rogue. Like Guardians, The Division is tasked to work hand in hand. However, Ubisoft put a twist on the setup by giving players the chance to betray their allies.

The mechanic itself is simple, but it?s enough to keep the suspense going. Hopefully, Bungie introduces a similar feature that keeps the Guardians on the lookout for rogues and traitors.

Ease up on the Microtransactions

Destiny is home to some questionable microtransactions. The most questionable might be the one that allows the player to skip to level 25 instantly. In The Division, Ubisoft refrained from adding any microtransactions to the game. It seems that the term ?pay-to-win? is not present in The Division. If Bungie does plan on making Destiny 2 a success, they should tone down on microtransactions.

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