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Destiny 2 Subclasses: Everything We Know So Far About The Dawnblade, Sentinel And Arcstriker

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The Dawnblade Teaser In Destiny 2
One Of The Leaked Concept Arts For Destiny 2 [Image Captured From YouTube]

The Destiny 2 reveal showed of a lot of new things coming to Bungie’s anticipated sequel. Players got to see some of the things that Bungie is readying for us but what players are looking forward to is how they can develop their Guardians the second time around. One of the highlights of the gameplay reveal are the new Destiny 2 subclasses.

There are three new Destiny 2 subclasses: the Dawnblade for the Warlock, the Sentinel for the Titan and the Arcstriker for the Hunter. These new subclasses are set to give players new ways to play once the sequel releases. Here are all the things we know so far about the Destiny 2 subclasses.


Out of the 3 new subclasses, only the Dawnblade for the Warlock was made playable in all 3 available game modes during Bungie’s event, Twinfinite reports. The Dawnblade apparently feels similar to the Sunslinger subclass from the first game.This is because players will be able to deal heavy damage through burning. Moreover, players like the Sunslinger will have additional defenses with the Dawnblade.

One of the Dawnblade’s ability will serve as a temporary nerf to players as the Dawnblade summons a pool of light. As for the Super, the Dawnblade will summon a blade to deal heavy damage. What makes the Dawnblade more special is that when using the Super, players will have the added ability of flight.


As for the Titan, the class will be getting a cool new subclass with the Sentinel. We’ve yet to know the other abilities of this subclass but what we do know for now is how it’s Super works. Once activated, the Sentinel’s Super will allow players to summon a shield. This shield can be charged up and thrown at enemies ala’ Captain America.


Last but not the least is the Arcstriker for the Hunter. The Arcstriker is plays basically like the Bladedancer from the first game. Like the Bladedancer, the Arcstriker will be able to zoom in on enemies for close ranged attacks. The only difference this time around is that the Arcstriker will have a staff instead of a sword.

We’ve yet to know what else the new subclasses can do. We can expect Bungie to reveal more about the game’s character progression system in the coming months.

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