Destiny 2 Release Date Delayed as Bungie Suffers Management Issues?

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Game?developer Bungie is facing a big change at the studio as Pete Parsons joins as new CEO and studio President Harold Ryan steps down. The change in the leadership in?Bungie?may have an effect on the release of?next?Destiny title Destiny 2.

Parson will now be leading the Bungie team as CEO; the reshuffling took place just within a week after it was reported that Destiny 2 will be delayed. A few days back,
Kotaku reported that Destiny 2 is not going to be launched in September.

Destiny 2 is expected to be the full sequel to Destiny developed by Bungie. The developer has not yet released an official statement about the new game, but it is widely known that the studio is currently developing the title. The report on production was revealed in Bungie’s 10-year development plan. However, the next title from Bungie was never officially confirmed nor named, but everybody was expecting a September release.

?I want to personally thank Harold for his friendship, passion, hard work, and dedication in helping make Bungie the great company it is today. As a team, we celebrated many victories and weathered many storms,? said Parsons as quoted by the official website of Bungie.

A small team is handling Destiny at Bungie, and nothing has ever been simple with the game. Fans who have been playing the games released by the developer are very familiar with constant changes in release plans for Destiny 2.

These irregularities have left numerous fans frustrated. They are dissatisfied due to the lack of communication from Bungie. The studio doesn?t seem ready to talk about the future of Destiny, and with the recent change in Bungie?s leadership, it may take longer before a definite release date for Destiny 2 is confirmed.

Overall, Bungie has to deal with various issues such as lack of designer tools, high pressure about its plans, revenue demands from Activision, and most importantly, support of fans.

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