Destiny 2 Release Date: 2017 Launch On Track As Bungie Focuses On Sequel

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Destiny 2

Majority of developers at Bungie are now working on Destiny 2 to keep its release on track, according to Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg during the company?s earnings conference call. Hirshberg did not reveal specific details regarding what?s taking place at the studio, but he assured fans that the game?s 2017 release is on track and that the developers are majorly focusing on the sequel to Destiny.

The release date of Destiny 2 is still under wraps, but the studio previously confirmed a 2017 release window. Bungie has not even revealed the final title of the game, but this is probably the first time that someone from the team called it Destiny 2.

Destiny has gained popularity since it was released way back in 2014 and the game?s community is still strong. The game will get the major expansion Rise of Iron in September this year. Its launch will take place ahead of the release of Destiny 2. As the Activision CEO said, majority of developers is working on the new game, so it seems Bungie is near in completing the Rise of Iron expansion.

As mentioned, before the upcoming Destiny sequel releases, the first game will see its next major expansion from Bungie later this year. Rise of Iron is the second major expansion after The Taken King, which was released in 2015. The Rise of Iron will feature the Fallen enemy race which has entered the last safe city in a new zone on Earth. The expansion pack will add more content weaponry and a new PvP game mode to Destiny.

It seems Bungie has big hopes for the game?s release. While Activision has not confirmed a specific release date for the game, it?s likely that it will come out in the third quarter of 2017. The first game in the series was launched in September 2014, while the Taken King expansion launched in the same month in 2015. This September, the company is bringing Rise of Iron. If the company follows the same pattern, we can expect the Destiny 2 release in September 2017.

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