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Destiny 2 PC Release Could Be An Xbox Play Anywhere Title

destiny 2 pc release
Is Destiny 2 an Xbox Play Anywhere title? [Image from Amazon]

Despite the release date and platforms being confirmed, no one knows if the Destiny 2 PC release will be Steam-bound. Activision normally releases their games on Steam, but the upcoming sequel hasn’t gotten a confirmation for the popular digital store. All this, plus a Tweet from Xbox’s Major Nelson, has made fans think this could be an Xbox Play Anywhere title.

The gameplay reveal for the FPS will be on May 18, but only PS4 and PC footage will be shown. Many Xbox One Redditors have complained about this, since the PS4 version is already getting early access to some bonuses. However, Major Nelson representative will be attending the event, which has confused and pleased Microsoft fans.

Lack Of Steam

Microsoft has been finding ways to combat Valve’s Steam and they might do so with the Destiny 2 PC release. Several high-profile games already have Xbox Play Anywhere support and Activision’s FPS might follow suit. Since Major Nelson is going to the event, it could have something to do with this heavily touted feature.

Destiny was highly requested on the PC and Microsoft might want to take advantage of that with Xbox Play Anywhere. Fans will have to wait till the event itself and see if this pays off somehow for the second-place console. Otherwise, it seems like the PS4 version is where it’s at, though the PC version will definitely look better.

It’s Our Destiny

Xbox One fans are not happy with their lack of bonuses, but the Destiny 2 PC release could fix that. Being able to play the game on both systems would be great, especially since the saves can be carried over. This is how other games of the service have been, so adding Activision’s popular franchise to it would be great.

At the least, it would be a decent compensation for the lack of early bonuses for both Microsoft systems. Only time will tell if this becomes a reality however, since Steam has made plenty of money for Activision. Until the news is eventually confirmed, this is all just speculation and theories, but definitely not an impossibility.

Destiny 2 comes out later this September for the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. The PS4 version will gain early access to some exclusives. Microsoft fans will eventually get their hands on the content at a later date.

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