Destiny 2 PC Release Could Affect Gameplay On PS4 And Xbox One

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Destiny 2 PC
Source: Destiny 2 – “Last Call” Teaser video

The upcoming Destiny 2 has long been confirmed to be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This release setup looks optimal for its players, but most shooters have failed to bridge a common gameplay patch between its PC and console. This patch build mismatch could potentially hamper Destiny 2’s growth on all of its platforms as like with other recent shooter games.

Destiny 2 Platforms and Potential Problems

Destiny 2 is slated to be released this coming September 8 and it’s confirmed to be released on three platforms. Its optimal setup will allow it to generate a larger fanbase, but its problems will lie in its balancing. Overall, online multiplayer shooters that feature PvP gameplay always had patch mismatches on its PC and console versions. More than just a simple difference, these differences could divideswhole fanbases especially if the developers market it to be a competitive game.

Similar Genre Problems

A former The Division player posted a thread on Destiny subreddit about the potential dangers that Destiny 2 may face in the future along with the other shooter games. Ubisoft’s The Division was never able to nail down a similar gameplay between its PC and console versions. The PC and console platforms have access to unique controls that can heavily break the game.

The thread starter notes that the PC version can allow players to turn burst-fire weapons to full-automatic ones with just a simple control remap. Burst-fire weapons are regarded as strong damaging weapons and supposedly trades off its overall damage output with bad fire rate. More bugs in Ubisoft’s game have pushed this player out of the game.

Competitive Compromise

Blizzard Entertainment optimizes game balancing separately for its PC and console versions of Overwatch. Some of the changes the developer team has done include the exclusive deployable turret nerfs on consoles and the PC-only nerf for one of its sniper wielding heroes, Ana. Blizzard was successful at managing both the PC and console versions through keeping their version builds separate, albeit Blizzard releases content a little later on the console versions.

The Overwatch console version is stable in terms of gameplay balance due to having its own update build. The first Destiny only launched on consoles, which can potentially mean that Bungie and Activision may have had a long oversight on managing a shooter that exists on both platforms.

Meanwhile, Gearbox Software’s Borderlands successfully translated to both console and PC because it pays no attention to balanced PvP. The Borderlands series’ playable characters often have abilities that allow them to tank immense amounts of damage or deal large amounts of it in a few seconds. Each playable character is definitely overpowered in their own way, which makes it unreliable to make a Borderlands competitive PvP scene. While it’s unknown if Borderlands 3 will change this, Destiny 2 can look at Gearbox Software’s approach, but this will permanently remove the game’s potential of being competitive.

Playable But Potentially Problematic

So far, the first Destiny’s console focused release allowed it to have a unified patch version up until the Rise of Iron expansion. Destiny 2 may have a lot of work to do if it aims to keep having similar patches on both of its platforms. The game doesn’t turn itself extremely unplayable once it actually has patch differences on its platforms. Gameplay-wise, it might possibly divide discussions between its players due to certain elements and features not applying to their platform of choise. Overall, players are hampered to discuss balance changes due to their differences.

Destiny 2’s release is definitely a chance for Bungie and Activision to challenge this issue found on this gaming generation’s multiplayer-focused shooting games. For now, we’ll just have to wait until later this year to know whether they’ll succeed or join the ranks of the platform patch mismatch shooters. Stay updated with more Destiny 2 news here on The BitBag.

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