Destiny 2 News: Frequent Narrative Updates In Sequel As Bungie Crunches For Game’s Release [Rumor]

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Bungie?s Destiny was one of those titles that failed to deliver the hype that it had before release. The game had a lot of shortcomings and it took Bungie a year before they got the game together. But there was no significant rise in players since then. Despite the lackluster appeal of the first game, Bungie will still push through a sequel. A few signs point that Destiny 2 is going to do something about the sequel?s narrative.

A job listing has revealed that Bungie is currently looking for a Live Narrative Director that will watch over ?small-scale? Destiny releases throughout the year. The listing adds that the projects will be released somewhat frequently. The listing tasks the opening with a few responsibilities:

  • Develop and communicate a story vision that supports the Release Pillars through structure, character, and theme.
  • Coordinate with Narrative Discipline Leads to ensure the content meets pre-established franchise narrative goals and supports the Release Pillars.
  • Rapidly iterate on small-scale projects on a condensed timeline and ensure successful completion.
  • Ensure narrative scope and schedules align with the production plan and are achievable.

While the listing didn?t specifically say what the title is, it?s most definitely going to be for Destiny 2. Additionally, Kotaku?s Jason Schreier recently shared a few details about the development of Destiny 2 over at NeoGAF. According to him, Bungie put together a story team after the first game so that it?ll be easier to create a better story for the sequel.

Based on what we?re seeing from Bungie, it?s likely that the developer is looking to release the game as soon as it can. Frequent narrative updates and the like might help in getting the game to launch ASAP, so Bungie is looking for the best narrative directors out there.

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