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Destiny 2 News: More Activities In 2017 Before Sequel Releases

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Bungie will be quite busy this year as there are a lot of things expected from the developer. It?s not only about the release of Destiny?s sequel as the developer is looking to give the first game its last set of events to keep players tuned in. There?ll be a lot more to do in the original game before Destiny 2 releases, and Guardians should be pretty occupied until the next game launches.

Bungie’s Plans In 2017

Bungie recently posted on their website about the future of Destiny this 2017. Needless to say, the developer isn?t done with the first game just yet. In fact, there?s going to be a lot to do in Destiny way before the next game releases.

Although The Dawning event is over in the game, Bungie notes that the event left behind quite a few activities that players could still do.

  • Strike Scoring
  • Weekly Elite Bounties from Commander Zavala
  • Daily Vanguard Elite Bounties from the Bounty Trackers
  • Sparrow Racing in Private Matches
  • Weekly Treasures of the Dawning for completing ?a Heroic Strike
  • Silver Dust Store and Eververse items

Bungie also revealed that aside from the retained The Dawning features, they?ll be preparing themselves for more things to come this year in Destiny. On Jan. 12 next week, the first ?This Week At Bungie? blog update of the year will be released. However, the developer notes that it?s not yet ready for any major reveals yet.

Destiny 2 is expected to launch this year. No release date or trailer has been revealed about the upcoming title yet, and fans are very eager to see what the next game holds. For now, Bungie is doing its best to keep Guardians busy in the meantime. With the next game being prepared for launch, there?s going to be a lot more to see in Destiny.

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