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Destiny 2 Leaks: New Weapon Type And Subclasses Revealed

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destiny 2 leak
A new leak has hinted at new content. [Image from Amazon]

Days away from a gameplay reveal and we have another Destiny 2 leak gaining attention from fans of the shooter. It looks like Bungie has been listening to fans of the game, since plenty of new content has been revealed. Scheduled for a September release, it’s easy to see why fans want to uncover new things to up the excitement.

Arrekz Gaming was able to discover a new weapon-type for the shooter, along with hints for new subclasses. Variety is the spice of life, so the possibility of these in the sequel should make it feel slightly newer. Fans can only hope the leak is legitimate, since new weapons and subclasses were heavily requested in the first Destiny.

Destined For Newness

The YouTube personality noticed that Bungie’s Destiny 2 gameplay teaser visibly showcases an SMG, a gun that wasn’t in Destiny. With this, we now know that SMGs will likely be in the game for more varied selections. More new weapons will likely be revealed in the future, but adding SMGs is definitely a step forward.

Arrekz Gaming has also brought up the new caps for the game, hinting at a possible new pet subclass. These official caps have certain animals in them, so they could allude to pets or maybe animal abilities for players. It’s definitely a step up from just shooting at every little thing in the game, though it is a shooter.

More New Announcements Coming?

Since we’re expecting a gameplay reveal for the shooter soon, we can expect another Destiny 2 leak from fans. The title is clearly one of the biggest sequels of the year, so players have plenty to be excited about. We’re literally days away from the gameplay reveal, so fans are going into overdrive and sharing what they can find.

Despite a number of flaws, including a lackluster single-player campaign and a barebones launch, Destiny was a huge success. Making plenty of money for both Bungie and publisher Activision, a sequel to the highly popular FPS MMO was inevitable. Now that it’s coming soon, fans would love to see more content for it, which will happen during the reveal.

Destiny 2 is slated for a September 8 release on the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. The gameplay reveal will take place on May 18, which is fairly near. There’s a possibility that the game will be Xbox Play Anywhere, hence the lack of Steam announcements.

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