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Destiny 2 Leak: Game Runs At 60fps On PS4, Xbox One, And PC [Rumor]

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Destiny 2 Leak
Source: Destiny 2 – “Rally the Troops” Worldwide Reveal Trailer video

Leaked details recently surfaced that the upcoming Destiny 2 will run at a smooth 60fps setting. The original game only ran at 30fps to keep the experience on par with last-gen consoles. Here’s what we know about the Destiny 2 leak.

Leaks From An Unknown Source

According to ThatsMytrunks on NeoGAF, several first hand sources revealed multiple Destiny 2 leaks to him. Since the source wasn’t identified, take these information with a grain of salt. Here are the new details from this unknown source:

  • 60 FPS
  • PS4 and PC cross-save, not cross-play.
  • Microsoft held back cross-save on Xbox One

60 FPS

A stable 60 frame-rate has been highly requested by fans for Destiny 2. The first Destiny was not a simple shooting game as it also mixed in explosive attacks and flashy melee strikes in both PvE and PvP.

Destiny senior environmental artist Jason Sussman confirmed back in 2014 that the game stayed in 30 frames per second as they had to favor game stability on all platforms. “We’re cross-platform, so we had to be very delicate with all four consoles, making sure they have the same experience, that it looks as good as it possibly can on all these consoles,” Sussman told VentureBeat.

With Destiny 2 no longer being limited by the hardware restraints of last-gen consoles, it’s possible the sequel will truly run at 60fps. Having this feature will greatly attract the first game’s audience to play the sequel and help players adapt to combat situations easier.

Other Leaked Details

Also leaked by is cross-save compatibility for PS4 and PC, which will help fans comfortably carry their progress to other places easily. Potentially, this feature may allot a cloud storage system for Destiny 2 and allow players to easily bring their progress to anywhere via an internet connection. However, the Destiny 2 leak only confirms this feature for PS4 and PC. A cross-save feature largely helps since it doesn’t require players to bring their whole unit if they want to play their character elsewhere. The Destiny 2 leaks also confirm that the game will be optimized for PS4 Pro and the Xbox Scorpio. 

Gameplay Revcal

Destiny fans are currently waiting for an upcoming gameplay showcase on May 18. Fans can check if the game does have 60fps and all these other leaked features on this reveal. Stay updated with more gaming news here on The BitBag.

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