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Destiny 2 Gameplay Trailer: Where To Watch And What To Expect From Bungie

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Destiny 2 Logo [Image Capture From Destiny 2 Teaser]

Bungie probably has a ton of amazing features in store for Destiny 2 and we’ve yet to see what these exciting features are. Lucky for fans, a gameplay trailer is about to be revealed soon and it’s going to let us see what the sequel has in store for fans. Here’s everything to know about the Destiny 2 gameplay trailer.

Where To Watch

Those interested can watch the Destiny 2 gameplay trailer from various outlets. Players can tune in on the official YouTube channel of Bungie or they could also check on Bungie’s Twitter account from time to time. As for the release time, the trailer will drop on March 30 at 10 AM PT, so players should just subscribe to Bungie’s channels to get the trailer firsthand.

What To Expect

There are a lot of thing to expect from the upcoming Destiny 2 gameplay trailer, but Bungie could focus on the most important changes coming to the game. The original Destiny wasn’t well-received and it took Bungie a year to finally get the game right. Whatever the formula they added in The Taken King for Destiny’s Year Two, we can expect Bungie to do the same but with more improvements.

In terms of combat gameplay, we can expect Bungie to retain the same combat the game had from Destiny. The combat gameplay would only differ depending on the sub classes that Bungie will introduce in the game.

Recent leaks have revealed that there are quite a few subclasses joining the game. The leaked images reveal a Guardian wielding a sword, a shield, a spear and one having wings.We’ve yet to know if these are indeed the subclasses, but it’s pretty likely considering that some of the subclasses from before gave players access to melee equipment and other weapons.

Another thing that players should look out for in the gameplay trailer is how Bungie will revamp the open world exploration in the game. Bungie should introduce a better open-world considering vanilla Destiny players weren’t too fond of the many boundaries in the game’s areas.

The gameplay trailer is due out soon and all we have to do is wait for it. The game will launch this year so players can expect and slew of details within the following months.

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