Destiny 2: Should It Be Free-To-Play?

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Destiny 2

The Destiny community was sent into a slight shock yesterday when it appeared that Bungie was making the original base game free-to-play. In the end, it was all a misunderstanding. While the entire client can be downloaded without charge, it only grants you access to a limited trial-mode of the game. Regardless, the whole situation got us thinking about how Activision and Bungie could experiment with a different pricing model for Destiny 2.

An F2p Destiny 2?

At its core, Destiny is an MMO, so why couldn?t it adopt a pricing scheme closer to other games in its genre? Take Guild Wars 2 as an example. When the game released its Heart of Thorns expansion, the original base game was made free-to-play by developer ArenaNet. If you wanted to, you can go and download it right now to experience all the non-expansion content on?a free account. Granted, playing completely f2p means you won?t have access to certain social and quality-of-life features, but hitting the level cap and end game is definitely doable. If an f2p player likes what he sees, he can always buy-in to the current expansion to gain access to the new content.

Destiny already works in a similar fashion where purchasing the most recent expansion gives you all the content released up to that point. Why not just make the old content f2p immediately available to encourage newer players to give it a shot?

The main?problem with online expansions is how they split the community. Regardless of how feature-packed a piece DLC is, you?re always going to have that subset of players who are reluctant to purchase it simply because of its cost.?This leads to fragmentation as the hardcore players who want to experience new content first have fewer and fewer people to play with. By introducing f2p players into the system, you increase the chances of new blood possibly buying into the game and keeping its highest tiers populated.

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