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Destiny 2: Features Bungie Might Add

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Cayde In Destiny 2
Cayde In The Destiny 2 Teaser [Screenshot Captured From Destiny 2 Teaser]

More and more details have been revealed for the sequel to Destiny and with a gameplay trailer coming up later this day, we might be able to see more. For now, we already have an idea of the possible features to expect in the sequel thanks to the teaser trailer and other leaks. Here are some of the features that Bungie might add in Destiny 2.

New Vehicles

In the original game, players had only their Sparrows as controllable vehicles in the game. Fans may want more than just the Sparrow in Destiny 2 and we could be getting just that. The recent Mega Bloks set for Destiny revealed a couple of things in the game including a look inside the Goliath Tank.

In the first game, players can’t get a look inside these huge machines and it’s weird that the Mega Bloks set is the first one to give us a look. It’s possible that in the sequel, Guardians will be able to take out the enemies by controlling the Goliath Tank. It’ll be an interesting feature to add considering that the Goliath Tank is one tough nut to crack.

NPC Allies

In the teaser trailer, we see Cayde telling a story about the epic battle in The Last City. In that battle, we see a ton of characters from Destiny in action. In the original game, players can only go into battle with other players. NPC allies aren’t a feature. Seeing as the trailer is already putting these NPCs into action, we might be able to have them as companions in the sequel.


Both the teaser image and the trailer point to The Last City finally falling. With the Guardians now homeless, there is a good possibility that players will be allowed to fully explore areas. Players are allowed to thrive in huge areas in Destiny, but we can’t really consider these as fully open world content considering there are a lot of boundaries in them. 

Bungie might do away with the previous exploration system that made players choose a specific area to drop into. Bungie may allow players go wherever they want instead.

New Subclasses

New subclasses should not come as a surprise because Bungie will definitely introduce new ways to play in the sequel. We’ve yet to know exactly what these subclasses are, but recent leaks have given us a look at Guardian’s wielding a shield, sword, spear, and even having wings.

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