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Destiny 2 Should Learn From No Man’s Sky And Mass Effect Andromeda

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Destiny 2 Teaser Image
The Destiny 2 Teaser From Bungie [Image Courtesy Of Bungie]

Despite the first game not being an overall success, Bungie will release a sequel for Destiny and it has a chance to create a better game this time around. Bungie will fully revamp the game so players should expect a ton of changes in the sequel. There is one aspect in Destiny 2 that Bungie should ace the second time around.

The original launch of Destiny was met with a lot of criticisms. The game had its flaws, but many were addressed through updates and expansions. The same can’t be said for the game’s exploration as both land and space travel in the game was lackluster. When it comes to Destiny 2, Bungie should look to a few games for inspiration on how Guardians move about in the sequel.

No Man’s Sky

Behind all of the false promises, Hello Games managed to create a good exploration game in No Man’s Sky. Players had a fun time exploring the game’s countless planets and having the ability to freely explore the galaxy was the icing on the cake. It took space exploration in gaming to new heights.

In the original Destiny, players had to go through a set of menus to get to other planets and they can only do so through The Last City. It was pretty limited and for a game that had spaceships and space travel, exploration was very boring. While it may be too much to ask for, Bungie should do their best and allow players to fully explore parts of the Solar System in Destiny 2.

Mass Effect Andromeda

When it comes to exploring planets, Bungie should take note of Mass Effect Andromeda. In the game, parts of the world we’re free to explore and doing so with the Nomad was all the more exciting. In the original Destiny, planets had a lot of barriers, making each location feel smaller than they should be. Moreover, the Sparrow was a decent vehicle, but it felt stiff at times.

Guardians should at least have access to different vehicles in Destiny 2. If not that, then Sparrow customization would also be a pretty decent feature to have. As for the planets, Bungie would be wise to make the planets feel more open.

These are good features to have, but Bungie and Activision will still have the last call. Considering Bungie has reportedly fully revamped the game, then we could still keep our hopes up.

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