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Destiny 2: What Fans Want From The Explorable Worlds

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Destiny 2
Destiny Taken King Subclasses Seen In Artwork [Image Courtesy Of Destiny Website]

Bungie’s sequel to 2014’s Destiny is slowly unveiling before us and we’re about to see the full experience in the coming months. Although we’ve yet to see most of the gameplay features, Bungie is likely to revamp many of the game’s features. One of the main issues in the first game was the open world. For the second time around, Bungie should consider a few features for the game’s explorable worlds.

More Open

The biggest gripe that players had with the first game’s world was that it wasn’t too open. There are a lot of boundaries that hinder players from exploring the countless areas that can be seen from afar. In the next game, Bungie should go as far as introducing an open world in Destiny 2. This would give the game more depth and would make it seem less boring.

More Interactive And Lively

In the previous game, the explorable areas were pretty barren. Aside from the enemies, there’s very little to discover in the areas. After a while, exploring can get boring due to the lack of variety. Bungie should make these worlds lively by adding NPCs and quests in them.

If the leak from Shinobi602 is indeed true, then Bungie could be doing just this. According to the leak, Bungie is looking to fully revamp Destiny 2 and one of which is with regards to how players would undertake quests and activities in the game. According to the leak, players will be able partake in activities without having to go through a bunch of menus.

Seamless Exploration

Speaking of menus, players had to go through a lot of them when they are planning to explore an area. It took players a minute or so to get in the planet they want to explore. Bungie should do away with this system and just opt for a seamless exploration model instead.

Since The Last City is gone in the sequel, it’s likely that players won’t have one single hub space anymore. The new hubs could be scattered all throughout a planet. When exploring these, it would be nice if players are given the option to walk from one point to another rather than just going through loading screens and menus.

What fans are looking for in Destiny 2 is a legitimate MMO style open-world. The areas should be vast and littered with things to do. Hopefully, Bungie does exactly this in the sequel.

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