Destiny 2 Expansions: What Fans Want

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Destiny 2 Expansions

Destiny 2 has been confirmed and it will come out after an expansion on the vanilla Destiny is released. Fans want Activision and Bungie to bring viable content to the latter levels of the game through the expansions. Heeding these suggestions on a Reddit thread may rake in more income for Destiny 2.

According to the thread, making expansions relevant at every point of the game will definitely improve players? overall enjoyment of the title. Reddit user Zero_Emerald ?pointed out that the Year One content for Destiny was already obsolete by the time the Year Two content dropped. Perhaps the older items could still be relevant if they could scale in levels or if they could be ?Vanity? items at some point in time.

Similar to Borderlands, the weapons in Destiny automatically scale to the player?s level, and gamers could particularly postpone claiming their quest rewards or rare gun pickups to let the weapons scale on the New Game+ systems. Borderlands? way of doing it is highly cyclical and repetitive, so Destiny should mix things up to bring a fresher take on a ?Recycle? system.

The Reddit thread also mentioned the suggestion of having Vanity slots for some items in the game. This way, players can keep a look that is locked with older content and bring it to the end-game portions of the title without suffering stat disadvantages.

?Vanity? items are those worn over your real equipment to conceal it or change its appearance. They are usually made to look more beautiful than the regular items. With Destiny?s plethora of fancy armor, it?s highly likely that players would like to wear some of them again, but they don?t do it due to the risk of losing stat bonuses that are crucial to their character strength.

According to Polygon, Destiny 2 will roll in by 2017 after the last Destiny expansion this 2016. Let?s hope that the developers will implement the said system as early as the next expansion. Stay tuned for more Destiny 2 ?news here on TheBitBag.

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