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Destiny 2: What Fans Want To See At E3 2017

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Is Destiny 2 an Xbox Play Anywhere title? [Image from Amazon]

Bungie is officially coming to E3 2017 and they’re bringing along the next Destiny for the world to see. Fans of the shooter are expecting to see a lot more of the game at the upcoming E3 but we’ve yet to know exactly what Bungie will reveal. Bungie stole the show with Destiny back at E3 2013, but can it do the same with Destiny 2 this year?

Despite the shortcomings of the first game, players are still very excited for Destiny 2 and the developer is showing signs of improvement in creating the new game. We already know so much about the sequel but there’s still more to dig into and most of the things we’ve yet to see might come at E3. Here’s what players want to see at E3 2017.

The Hub

A major part of the story in the sequel is the destruction of the Tower. Those who’ve played the first game are most likely to have spent hours upon hours in the Tower but with it being destroyed. Due to its destruction, it’s no longer an existing area in the next game. Players will be given access to a new hub though.

The hub for Destiny 2 is expected to be several time larger than the Tower. The new hub is called the European Dead Zone, a village in the middle of the forest. Fans would love to get a full look at the area and everything that sets it apart from the Tower over at E3 2017.


When the game launches, we can expect everyone else to be hard-pressed on grinding quests and raids to get the game’s arsenal of weapons. We’ve only seen a few so far through the trailers and gameplay demos. We can bet that there are a ton of weapons out there to see.

New Gameplay Features

The combat for the upcoming sequel is highly criticized for being very similar to the first entry, but there’s not much that Bungie could add to a game that already has tight gameplay. Aside from the introduction of super moves, fans are still looking forward to see other new gameplay features in for the sequel. Gamers are still hoping that Bungie has another ace up its sleeve to define Destiny 2 as a true sequel.

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