Destiny 2, The Division, And More Games That Should Support Cross-Network Play

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Destiny 2

Microsoft is reportedly planning to have its Xbox One share multiplayer features with other consoles. Multiplatform multiplayer games will surely have an extreme advantage with such system. Here are some games that Microsoft should look into pushing for crossplay.

Destiny 2

It?s been long confirmed that Destiny 2 is in the works, and it might be smart to implement crossplay between Xbox One and Playstation 4 for this huge online multiplayer game. However, current Destiny fans are worried on how Microsoft plans to do it, as seen on this Reddit thread.

As of the moment, Xbox Live has no known connections to the Playstation Network, which makes inviting Fireteam members impossible. Meanwhile, the large content of the current Destiny game will surely be amplified if gamers from various consoles can play together. However, since there are no details yet about Microsoft?s plan, we?ll have to wait for more announcements regarding the crossplay system.

Tom Clancy?s The Division

The Division is one of the biggest AAA multiplayer games currently on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. It would be nice to have a unified crisis-stricken New York in the game, but the developers aren?t exactly keen on having a crossplay feature in the title. According to an article from the Division Zone, there are no plans to include crossplay in The Division as of the moment. Perhaps we can wait and see if Microsoft?s crossplay plan works, and if it does, most console-based multiplayer games may follow suit.

Dark Souls 3

Aside from the difficulty of single-player content found on FromSoftware games, the technical and mechanical challenges of the titles also affect their PvP system. Players could either invade and slay the homeworld character or aid them as they traverse the world of Dark Souls or Bloodborne. With Microsoft?s intended crossplay plan for future games, FromSoftware fans could enjoy thrice the invasions as Dark Souls 3 is released on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. If the plan pushes through, let?s just hope that the community doesn?t go overboard in invading, to the point that it results in abusive griefing already.

Cross-platform play is not entirely new this current gen with titles like Street Fighter V, War Thunder, and numerous other games allowing PS4 and PC gamers to fight against one another. With Microsoft introducing this feature for the Xbox One, players will no longer have to miss out on playing with their friends on other platforms. Multiplayer-centric games including majority of shooters and sports titles will surely benefit from cross-network play.

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