Destiny 2: Bungie Removing Single-Player Campaign?

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Bungie?s Destiny was pretty hyped months before it launched in 2014. However, repetitive quests, rather weak storytelling and poor gameplay mechanics made the game not as successful as expected. The game only got significantly better when the Taken King launched, but it was too late. With Bungie planning to launch Destiny 2 next year, the developer has a second chance to set things right.

One of the most problematic parts about Destiny is that an Internet connection is always required, so areas with poor connection already have a reason to hate the game. When it comes to the single player campaign, players aren?t essentially required to play with someone else to progress through the story, but an Internet connection is still needed. However, what players hated most about the single-player campaign was that it was not good, story-wise.

OnlySP?s Rhys Cooper argues that Bungie only needs to enhance the multiplayer component of Destiny 2 for it to be successful. When the Taken King expansion launched last year, Bungie began to put emphasis on Destiny?s multiplayer modes instead of adding more content to the single-player campaign. Since then, the number of users playing Destiny significantly rose.

Cooper notes that if Bungie does decide on once again including a single-player campaign for Destiny 2, they will waste resources on a mode that was not well-appreciated in the first game. ?They could opt to focus on multiplayer modes for a better chance at success as it is how the Taken King update was structured.

If Bungie is still planning on adding a single-player campaign on Destiny 2, the game needs to have better storytelling so that players will appreciate it more. The developer could also choose to focus on multiplayer story campaigns, but doing so with their sometimes problematic matchmaking is a risk.

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